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Four Corners farm with a few "secrets".

Beta Release.

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First of all Thank you to the SDV Discord modders who taught me how to put extra maps into the game. 

Unlike most of my farm maps this one isn't a preplanned layout. 

*Required Mods* 
Content Patcher
DaisyNiko Tilesheets
Extended Minecart- Not really required but I built a spot on the farm for it and its just a really great mod

I recommend using Automate and the Tractor mod.

*Known Issues*
This is a beta release because I don't have time to sit there and play through years of SDV so if you find an issue *Please* link your smapi report if there is an error, and give me a detailed description of what is happening. Support is best offered in English and French, all other languages are at the mercy of Google Translate. 

*Fences in my screenshots* Mine are white I did some editing to get them that way. Yours will not be. 

Does not work on Android. I mod for PC.

*The Hayfield: I have been finding areas where you can't walk through I think I got them all but its a huge field and i might have missed some.
*The Orchard: if you have trouble crossing the bridge try walking in the middle those edges are there to keep you from walking off into the river :) 
*The Orchard: If you cannot plant fruit trees you will need to download Better Fruit Trees (or change the config if you already have it) and set the config to Plant trees outside the farm : True. 
*Wilderness: There is a line of bushes next to a cliff wall on the lower level do not take them out with another mod (or map editing unless you are prepared to deal with:) the warp from hell. I can't seem to get rid of it and it takes you to a very unhappy place on the farm. 

My idea for this farm was to have more areas that weren't "on the farm". You access these areas by entering the various caves on the farm.

Cave 1 (Far left ) Woodlands: Full of trees, wood, rocks, and boulders

Cave 2 Wilderness: A wild looking area that is great for crops

Cave 3 Honey Cove: The air is filled with the sweet smell of flowers and the humming of bees.

Cave 4 Sacred Falls: The perfect place to plant some water crops (ie rice).

Cave 5 The Orchard: It starts out filled with various woodland trees (and some coconut). A great place to keep your fruit trees too!

Cave 6 (by grandpa's shrine) Hayfield: Tired of worrying about grass? There is an entire field of it.

The farm cave remains the same (located off set of Cave 5).