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This mod takes the elevator banter between your squadmates and plays it periodically while riding in the Mako.

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This mod allows banter between squadmates to play when you're riding in the Mako. Banter plays at random intervals, and the timer length can be customized to your liking. The banter is the exact same as the banter heard when in the Citadel elevator.

Banter will only be played on uncharted worlds, including during Bring Down the Sky. No banter will play during the Mako sections of main story missions, or while you're wandering about the terrain on foot. Banter should not play while you are in combat, although if you enter combat while banter is playing the banter should finish playing in full.

This mod includes files for all voiced languages supported by the game.


To uninstall, delete the DLC_MOD_MakoAmbients folder in the Manage Target window of the mod manager.


The mod is designed to be customizable. When on an uncharted world, you can play banter at any time by entering "ce RunBanter" in the console. Doing so will reset the banter timer. The command won't work if banter is currently playing. This command should be able to be bound to a hotkey by modifying the Coalesced file.

You can customize how long between each banter by editing your save file. Once the mod has installed and you have visited an uncharted world at least once, open up your save file in Trilogy Save Editor. Navigate to Raw Plot > Floats and scroll all the way to the bottom. Float 51 and 52 define the lower and upper bounds on how many seconds between banter. A random number between these two values will be chosen to determine how long the banter timer lasts. This defaults to 120 seconds/600 seconds. You can alter these floats to customize the timer behavior. The timer resets at the start of banter (not at the end).

Known Issues:
  • If you leave the Mako while banter is playing, the audio will still come from the Mako and your squadmate's lips won't move. There's not really a great way of getting around this issue unfortunately, as there's no way to dynamically swap where dialogue is coming from in the middle of a line.
  • The Sideloader Framework is still in Beta, so keep in mind there may be streaming or loading issues.