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Framework for Mass Effect 1 LE to allow sideloading of new package files without compatibility issues.

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This mod is a framework to allow easy side-loading of new files for Mass Effect 1 LE. On it's own, the framework does nothing, but it allows mods to load new dialogues, clutter, NPCs, console commands, and more in existing areas with almost zero compatibility issues.

How It Works:
The framework adds a new "2DA" table, sort of like a big spreadsheet, that lists what new files should get loaded and when. Other mods can merge new rows into this table to add their data. Whenever new files are loaded in, the game will check the 2DA to see if any new mod files should also be loaded in. This allows mod authors to steer clear of modifying the high-traffic master level files that dictate what files get loaded when.

Unfortunately this only allows new content to be loaded in. Modification of existing content or changing existing streaming must still be done by direct file modification. For example, using this framework you could only add a new NPC to the Citadel, instead of replacing an old NPC with a new model. This framework also does not allow for "Global" files like the ones that can be used in LE2 and LE3, as the framework does not necessarily load new files first.

All modifications are made using M3's merge mod format. The framework has no DLC folder of it's own.

The Articles section has a full tutorial on how mod authors can use this framework, and the downloads section includes some starter kit files.

Mods Requiring the Framework:

This mod is in beta, and as such there may be bugs and crashes. Bugs in the framework may manifest as:
  • Stuttering on load
  • Unexpected blocking loads ("Loading..." modal shows up) where there previously were none
  • Game crashes
  • Files unexpectedly streaming out (objects and areas disappear, any running dialogue cuts out)

Please report any bugs you encounter on the Bugs tab. Please include the version of the framework you are using, any mods you have installed that use the framework and their versions, and the area in-game in which you encountered the bug. Please remember that the bug may be in the mod using the framework and not the framework itself.

  • Install the framework with ME3Tweaks Mod Manager. Manual installation is not possible.
  • You can verify this mod is installed by checking the "Modified basegame files" tab in the Manage Target window. Engine.pcc and SFXGame.pcc should be modified.
  • To update to a newer version, simply reinstall the mod. Work has been done to ensure re-installation should not break your game.

To uninstall this mod, restore Engine.pcc and SFXGame.pcc from your backup. You will need to reinstall any other mods that modify these files.