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An utterly trivial mod that removes the metal foregrip attachment from two guns whose animations don’t actually use them: the General Liu Storm and the Huot Optical.

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Normally, when a gun in BF1 has unusual ergonomics that would prevent or make redundant the use of a certain cosmetic attachment, variants that would normally have those attachments will omit them. For instance, the MP18 Optical lacks the foregrip normally assigned to Optical variants because the weapon is already held by the magazine well.

For whatever reason, two guns don’t follow this design principle: the Huot Optical  and the General Liu Storm. Both of these weapons have visible metal foregrips attached that the characters never actually use, the former because the character is already holding onto the magazine and the latter for no reason that I can see. This mod quite simply removes them (from these two guns only- all other foregrips are left intact).

Expect this mod to have minimal noticeable effect. The Huot's grip is only really visible briefly while reloading, and the Liu's only when the character has their left hand off the weapon like when moving while prone, which is probably why the developers didn't actually notice them.