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Tech & Science Daily| Polio: Parents urged to vaccinate children

Plus, how Alexa will let you speak to the dead…

Polio vaccine (Alamy/PA)

23 June 2022

arents of children not vaccinated against polio are being contacted in parts of London after the virus was detected in the city’s sewer system.

Tech & Science Daily spoke to the Evening Standard’s health editor Ross Lydall who says it’s the first community transmission of the condition for around 40 years in the UK.

A national incident’s been declared, but doctors say the risk to the public is “extremely low”.

Remember when a Tweet was just 140 characters? Well, you’ll soon be able to post 2,500 words on what was once a micro-blogging website.

It’s being tested out by a small group of writers in the UK, US, Canada and Ghana but you can have a look at it by checking out the new @TwitterWrites account on the site.

Elon Musk says Tesla’s US and German plants have become “gigantic money furnaces” because of supply problems in China.

Earlier this week, Mr Musk said he planned to cut around three and a half percent of the car firm’s workforce worldwide.

Apple boss Tim Cook’s been talking to China Daily USA about augmented reality; is Apple’s rumoured augmented reality headset actually real? The exact co-ordinates of Ernest Shackelton’s Endurance wreckage under the Antarctic ice have been revealed. Real-time translations are coming to Zoom. Plus, Instagram will now ID you if claim you’re over 18, Meta’s Oversight Board says it’s dealt with more than a million appeals in its first year and Alexa might soon be able to mimic people’s voices… alive or dead.

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