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Best ironing boards for easy laundry days

Our choice of the best ironing boards for crease-free clothes

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28 June 2022

here’s no denying that ironing isn’t everyone’s favourite task, but having a reliable ironing board can make this chore much easier to manage.

The humble ironing board is often overlooked in favour of fancier household gadgets, but this practical piece of homeware is an everyday essential. Nobody wants to spend hours tackling a mountain of clothes, so finding an ironing board with the right features will help speed up ironing time.

Regardless of your house size, there’s an ironing board to suit you, from clever folding and slimline options to large boards that hold hi-tech steam irons.

Most ironing boards fold up neatly for storage, and are easy to keep out of the way. You may even consider hanging your board on a wall to keep floor space clear.

Ironing safety is also a priority, especially if you have young children or animals at home, so we’ve chosen a few options with child-locks to ensure you can prevent any accidents.

There are many different types of ironing boards to choose from, with various features that make ironing easy. Whether you’re looking to save space with a folding ironing board, or have your eye on a board that holds a heavier iron, we’ve picked our favourite options below.

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Dunelm Flip Down Ironing Board


If space is at a premium in your house, a hanging ironing board makes perfect sense. This option keeps floor space clear, and keeps your ironing board accessible for complete convenience. Fold the board down when in use, then lock back in place when finished.

This simple and practical ironing board has all the signatures of clever craftsmanship. Door hooks hold the board securely in place and a handy hanging area keeps ironing crease-free whilst you work. This adaptable product can also be used as a tabletop ironing board if you prefer to work through a clothes pile whilst seated.

John Lewis Anyday Ironing Board

John Lewis

We’ve been eyeing up the Anyday collection by John Lewis since its launch, and this ironing board is another one of their well-crafted and affordable household essentials. The cheaper price of this board does not mean it scrimps on quality.

Made with a strong white metal frame and a thick 7mm foam padded liner, this board is ready for quick ironing sessions. The soft green patterned board is attractive enough to leave out, and the automatic child safety lock will prevent this board from accidentally collapsing.

MADE Kane Steel Ironing Board


With an attractive powder coated steel frame, this ironing board is as useful as it is aesthetically pleasing. Using this ironing board is comfortable, with an adjustable height and a smooth felt viscose cover.

The different height settings mean this ironing board is easy to use and can be set to suit your arm length. We love the black and mint colour combination, solid metal iron rest and the slip-resistant feet that make this board feel sturdy.

Brabantia Perfect Flow Ironing Board


Although their products can be more expensive than others, clever design details make Brabantia stand out from others on the high-street. This large steam ironing board has a heat resistant zone where you can safely place an iron as you work. The triple-layer cotton cover keeps the floor dry and means you can iron quickly without worrying about the cover itself getting wet.

This board has a solid metal frame, that can be adjusted for ironing sitting down, plus it’s easy to fold and store away.

The child lock prevents accidental closing, and a transport lock keeps the board folded when not in use. A reliable option and one that will stand the test of time, even if you have mountains of ironing to get through.

Wilko Ironing Board


If you need a simple option that gets the job done, this cheap and cheerful ironing board is ideal.

It doesn’t have any of the added features that the more expensive ironing boards offer, but if you don’t have much to iron, then this practical option will do the job well.

The metal frame is light, but supportive, and the mesh cover allows moisture to escape to keep the surface dry. We think this is particularly suitable for students or young professionals who need to occasionally press a shirt or a pair of trousers. This is a lightweight board,that will be easy to carry if maneuvering around the home.

Joseph Joseph Pocket Plus Folding Ironing Board

Joseph Joseph

This clever tabletop ironing board might seem inconspicuous, but it is packed full of functionality. One of its most impressive features is its secure storage space for an iron itself, keeping everything neatly together in one place. We appreciated both its practicality and design aesthetic.

This wall-mounted board has a bracket, screws and wall-plugs supplied with it to help installation. Despite having shorter legs, it’s robust and sturdy while having the benefit of turning any flat surface in your home into an ironing area, meaning you have more control over the height of the board.

Ideal for small spaces, or tucked away in the utility room, we can see this board making ironing easier for everyone.

Lakeland Bright Blooms Ironing Board


We couldn’t resist this bright and cheery ironing board with its vibrant floral cover - a pretty look is bound to help ease the boredom of ironing chores.

This product has all the attributes of a classic ironing board - long metal legs crossed in a X-shape, a sturdy padded board covered in fabric, and an area for resting an iron. Although this ironing board looks fairly run-of-the-mill in it’s structure, the colourful cover is sure to make laundry day happier.

At 120 x 40cm wide, this board is large enough to comfortably iron dresses and trousers without having to adjust the clothing too much. This board folds flat for storage and could be hung on the wall to keep floor space clear.

Addis Deluxe Ironing Board


Argos’ substantial ironing board catches the eye because of its extra large ironing surface. Suitable for both conventional irons and steam generators, this ironing board is sturdy, with four adjustable height positions and non-slip feet. It also has wheels which make it easy to manoeuvre around the home.

This ironing board has a decorative cotton cover with integrated iron rest which is heat resistant. The 135 x 46cm surface makes this the perfect board for ironing larger garments, and bed sheets.

We can see this board making light work of piles of household ironing, especially for larger families.

The Range Minky Ergo Ironing Board


Developed with comfort in mind, the ergonomic design of this ironing board makes it streamlined to flow with your natural arm movements. Perfect for everyday shirt ironing or for tackling a pile of clothes, this ironing board has a padded heat reflective cover which enhances the heat from your iron to ease out creases quickly.

With a height adjustable setting and solid iron rest, this ironing board is reliable and practical for any household. Make ironing less of a chore with this board that operates smoothly, and can be quickly stored away when not in use.


The Dunelm folding ironing board is a study and versatile option for any household. Both keeping floor space clear, and offering a functional alternative to the traditional ironing board set-up. Fitting seamlessly over any door frame, this fold away option keeps this everyday essential with easy reach, without cluttering up the home.