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London must lead electric vehicle charge

Capital tops 10,000 vehicle charge points, but thousands more needed

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I don’t want to get stranded! 10 ways to avoid EV range anxiety

Running out of battery is the biggest worry for drivers considering buying an electric car ‒ but how likely is it really?

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Toddington Harper: waiting to go electric is a fatal mistake

The CEO of clean-energy start-up GRIDSERVE on why we should seize the moment

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Beyond petrol: what will London be like in 20 years?

Sales of purely combustion cars will stop in the UK in 2030. We asked some of the architects, planners and drone-fleet captains shaping the green future of the city what to expect

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How to choose the perfect electric car

Whether you’re a boy racer or a school-run parent, our expert guide will reveal the EV of your dreams

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