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12h Chaos at Heathrow Airport after 30 flights cancelled
7h London house prices hit record high but signs of a slowdown on horizon

How likely am I to get Covid again and will my symptoms change?

As two new subvariants drive a surge in cases across the country, the Standard explains how likely you are to test positive again


What is pancreatitis and what are the symptoms?

Everything you need to know about the symptoms of pancreatitis after Travis Barker rushed to hospital with the disease


What is polio and should we worry about the discovery of poliovirus?

It is the first time since 1984 that the virus has been found to be spreading in the community in the UK.


Women at 50% higher risk of long Covid

Women had a “higher risk” of symptoms lasting more than four weeks and more than 12 weeks, research has found


Covid: How to get lateral flow tests and how much do they cost?

Free testing is still provided to some vulnerable groups such as NHS patients, care homes, hospices, prisons and refuges


Cervical Screening Awareness Week 2022: Why are smear tests important?

In the UK, 1 in 4 people invited for a smear test don’t go to their appointment.


Omicron less likely to cause long Covid than Delta, study suggests

King’s College London found the odds of having long Covid were between 20 and 50 percent lower during the Omicron outbreak


Monkeypox: more than 100 further cases detected in England

The viral infection causes a painful rash that usually clears up after two to three weeks


A&E patients warned of up to 13-hour waits to see doctor

A Princess Alexandra Hospital nurse warns a full waiting room of extremely long wait times in a video posted online


Two million Britons have long Covid, ONS reveals

Around 3.1% of the British population are suffering symptoms persisting for more than four weeks


Surge in people getting chickenpox vaccine amid monkeypox confusion

Well Pharmacy says it had seen a 146 per cent increase in the number of people getting jabbed for chickenpox


Discrepancies in wait times for NHS fertility services across London

Across the capital, average wait times range from 25 to 54 weeks - a 29-week gap depending on where you live


£8.5m lab opens to study toddlers’ brain disorders

It is hoped the lab will come up with earlier interventions for conditions such as autism and ADHD


Four new cases of monkeypox detected - including three in London

The latest four cases all appear to have been infected in London, the UK Health Security Agency said


Two people diagnosed with monkeypox in London

The pair live together in the same household and are not linked to the previous confirmed case in England which was announced on May 7


Number of UK cases of hepatitis in children rises to 176

The UKHSA are investigating the origin of the mystery outbreak of hepatitis in children


Omicron less likely to result in long Covid among double-jabbed

The data is based on research by the Office for National Statistics


Omicron XE variant ‘tests positive for longer than other strains’

According to the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA), there were 1,371 cases of the variant on April 29, an increase of 77 on April 20