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Fran Lebowitz’s New York State of Mind

Think of the Big Apple and, chances are, you’ll think of Fran Lebowitz. Lynette Nylander meets the literary icon ahead of her UK tour to talk Gen Z fans, abortion, politics and… well, everything else

An A-LGBTQ+ of Pride

From rousing renditions of ‘Glad to be Gay’ in the Seventies to this year’s Heartstopper generation, Paul Flynn offers a 101+ on everything you should know and cherish about the celebrations

ES Magazine

Bubble Rap: Susie Lau ponders the realities of having a son in 2022

As Susie Lau ponders her soon-to-be son and the vastly more inclusive world he’ll be born into, she knows the battle’s not yet been won for LGBTQ+ rights

ES Magazine

The Floor is Lava La Rue’s

Non-binary, queer and about to light up Glastonbury, Lava La Rue is a red hot force for good, says Amy Francombe

ES Magazine

Hands in the air for Nineties house music

With both Beyoncé and Drake unexpectedly dropping some banging old-school repetitive beats, Paul Flynn heads back three decades to remind us why the music of his glory years remains so potent

ES Magazine

Isamaya Ffrench debuts her eponymous beauty line exclusively for ES

She’s decorated the globe’s most famous faces. Now, Isamaya Ffrench debuts her eponymous beauty line exclusively for ES by painting… herself

ES Magazine

Shygirl opens up

She started out on London’s underground queer scene but there’s no way Shygirl is staying put. Even before her debut album drops, she’s taking back control of feminine sexuality and bossing the fashion world. Amy Francombe hears her siren call