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The Leader podcast: Should we be worried about new ‘bill of rights’?

Judges at the European Court of Human Rights were wrong to grant an injunction which effectively grounded a flight sending asylum seekers from the UK to Rwanda, Dominic Raab said (PA)

/ PA Wire
22 June 2022

he Government has officially announced its proposals to replace the Human Rights Act in the UK with a new bill of rights.

The proposal has been described as a ‘blatant power grab’ by campaign groups, but the Justice Secretary Dominic Raab claims the new bill of rights will strengthen the ‘UK tradition of freedom of speech’, and ‘better protect the public from dangerous criminals’.

The proposed bill has been in the works since 2019 when the government’s manifesto pledged to update the Human Rights Act.

The announcement comes just days after a deportation flight taking asylum seekers from the UK to Rwanda was blocked by the European Court of Human Rights.

The Evening Standard’s Home Affairs Editor Martin Bentham explains what the bill actually means, and Steve Valdez-Symonds from Amnesty International tells us why he’s against the proposed bill.

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