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Stephen Armstrong

Plug It In

The ultimate electric car jargon buster

Do you know the difference between an EREV, an FCEV and a HEV (hint: they’re all types of electric vehicle)? Never fear, our A-Z glossary is here to help

Jun 29, 2022
Plug It In

I don’t want to get stranded! 10 ways to avoid EV range anxiety

Running out of battery is the biggest worry for drivers considering buying an electric car ‒ but how likely is it really?

Jun 21, 2022
Plug It In

Beyond petrol: what will London be like in 20 years?

Sales of purely combustion cars will stop in the UK in 2030. We asked some of the architects, planners and drone-fleet captains shaping the green future of the city what to expect

Jun 16, 2022
Plug It In

How to choose the perfect electric car

Whether you’re a boy racer or a school-run parent, our expert guide will reveal the EV of your dreams

Jun 16, 2022
ES Magazine

How the BBC is changing the TV drama landscape

Stephen Armstrong investigates the movers, shakers and moneymakers of this brave new world

Oct 10, 2018

Amy Winehouse documentary: why capturing the life of a star on screen

With millions to be made, Oscars to be won and a ready-made audience of superfans desperate to see their hero portrayed on the big screen, films based on true stories are having a moment. But as the controversial Amy opens in cinemas, capturing the life of a star on screen is fraught with family dramas and legal wranglings, finds Stephen Armstrong

Jul 2, 2015

Empire: Lee Daniels and Taraji P Henson interview - 'Cookie walks in

The star and creator of TV's hottest new show talk hip-hop, homophobia, and Harrods

May 7, 2015
Health & Fitness

Genes in a bottle: why DNA testing is the new frontier in health and

As well as informing the latest developments in face creams, diets and exercise regimes, DNA testing can also save lives with early diagnoses of terminal illness. But with advanced knowledge of the body comes complicated moral dilemmas. Stephen Armstrong investigates

Apr 23, 2015
London Life

Farewell, generation overshare: how privacy became the next hip thing

With celebrities’ nude selfies plastered across the internet, and teenagers’ ‘deleted’ snaps reappearing online, privacy is a hot topic. Stephen Armstrong bids farewell to generation overshare

Mar 25, 2015
ES Magazine

Rachel Khoo: 'Some chefs have a few issues with my image...'

From her unassuming Little Paris Kitchen, Rachel Khoo has become a global cooking sensation, charming everyone from French fishermen to besotted viewers along the way. Watch out Gordon, she’s prettier than you and a lot more seductive, says Stephen Armstrong

Mar 11, 2015
ES Magazine

Sweet Charity: give it like Bob Geldof

Festive philanthropy has never been so fashionable, says Stephen Armstrong

Nov 27, 2014
ES Magazine

Meet the medicine men: Chris and Xander van Tulleken

How do twin doctors with the brains of Sherlock Holmes, the features of Matt Damon, the qualifications of Gregory House and the outdoor skills of Bear Grylls wind up on TV? Well, quite! As they report on Ebola, find a cure for AIDS and debunk diet myths that have the nation in a frenzy, Stephen Armstrong meets the telegenic van Tulleken twins

Oct 16, 2014
ES Magazine

Keeley Hawes: TV's toughest detective

The Ashes to Ashes star talks to Stephen Armstrong about police politics, dealing with depression and stepping up to Shakespeare with Dame Judi Dench

Oct 15, 2014
Celebrity News

Keeley Hawes: Riot police surrounded me … just to get a selfie

The Spooks actress said she looked like a terrorist as police asked for a selfie

Sep 18, 2014
ES Magazine

The surreal thing: the return of Noel Fielding

From The Mighty Boosh to Never Mind the Buzzcocks, Noel Fielding’s inimitable brand of bizarre humour has won him cult-hero status over the past 15 years. As his latest off-the-wall series — set on the side of a volcano — airs, he and his collaborator Dolly Wells talk to Stephen Armstrong about mainstream comedy’s lack of imagination

Aug 1, 2014
ES Magazine

Could you live off Soylent for a month?

No cooking, no mess, no waste… no food. Soylent, the world’s first total nutritional substitute, might sound like science fiction but the powdered meal replacement has arrived. Stephen Armstrong gives up meals for a month

Jun 19, 2014
ES Magazine

Introucing Tessa Ross: the movie mogul powering British film

She kick-started Daniel Craig's career and backed Danny Boyle's Slumdog Millionaire — not that she'd ever brag about it. Stephen Armstrong meets the biggest movie mogul you've never heard of

Oct 4, 2013
ES Magazine

If you wreck the beloved South Bank you're in trouble': controversial

Jude Kelly should know. Faced with sharp funding cuts, the artistic director has taken drastic action, drawing up plans for shops, cafés and a towering glass auditorium to get the money flooding back in. But along the way she’s alienated her neighbours, including the National’s Nicholas Hytner and the skateboarding community. Do these divisive plans for the Southbank Centre threaten to turn it into a shopping mall or the biggest cultural powerhouse in the capital, asks Stephen Armstrong

Jul 19, 2013
ES Magazine

The Great Gatsby Gamble

After his adaptation was put on ice in 2008, a desperate Baz Luhrmann decided there was only one thing for it: get the luxury brands to back his glitzy romp. In doing so he created a new model for film financing — brand integration

May 20, 2013
ES Magazine

Hayley Atwell: Boyd meets Girl

Hollywood blockbusters, art-house noir and another primetime William Boyd adaptation; Hayley Atwell’s career is on a high, but her bohemian childhood means she will always have her feet on the ground

Dec 14, 2012