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Samuel Muston


Will London’s newest members’ club make Mayfair cool at last?

Fashion parties, Hollywood megastars and Madonna — London’s glitteratti has found a new party spot. Samuel Muston goes inside

Jun 29, 2022

Will London’s newest members’ club make Mayfair cool at last?

As the club opens its lavish doors, Samuel Muston asks can it really draw the crowds

Jun 23, 2022

This summer’s new status symbol? Bumps of caviar

The new power move at this summer’s hottest parties? Doing a hit of roe. Yes, really...

Jun 17, 2022

Dogs dinner — how to celebrate Christmas with your pooch in London

Santa paws is coming to town and man’s best friend deserves an end-of-year knees-up just like the rest of us. Samuel Muston treats his beloved Burt to a five-star Christmas dinner and rounds up the best pup-friendly treats in the city

Dec 15, 2021

Langan’s Brasserie: The restaurant where (almost) anything goes

Mayfair’s most notorious celebrity haunt is back — but is the hell-raising? Samuel Muston on the enduring legend of Langan’s

Oct 20, 2021
The Escapist

Is a chilled out holiday possible in Ibiza?

From 72 hour raves to daily workouts and sober beach clubs, reformed party animal Samuel Muston attempts a wholesome holiday to the White Isle

Aug 27, 2021
The Escapist

The steep learning curve of buying a pandemic puppy

Samuel Muston is lockdown cliché #67 — the newbie dog owner. Let’s just say it has been a learning process…

Aug 26, 2021
The Escapist

‘Have fun or look good? It’s impossible to lose my lockdown weight’

Samuel Muston has got tummy trouble — in the (rotund) shape of lockdown weight gain. But what to do now that it’s time to face the world again?

May 28, 2021

Have we all forgotten how to have fun?

The roaring Twenties are finally ON. But can we remember how to roar? Fun is no longer illegal but Samuel Muston has a serious case of freedom anxiety

Apr 8, 2021

A life of laziness? That’s the life for me

The pandemic has forced Samuel Muston to embrace idleness and he has discovered that, contrary to popular belief, life in London doesn’t  have to be lived at 100 miles an hour. Time to take it easy?

Feb 4, 2021

Why high-end hotels are investing in daring artworks

High-end hotels are queuing up to acquire daring artworks that add a certain je ne sais quoi, says Samuel Muston

Sep 5, 2016
Food + Drink

How to order off McMenu: the new fast-food hack

The daring are challenging their taste buds by going off-piste in the big chains. Why order a Big Mac and fries when you can have a McLand Sea and Air? Samuel Muston gets into some fast-food hacking

Nov 21, 2013