“Succession’s” Kendall Roy (Jeremy Strong) pulled out all the stops for his 40th birthday party, and so did the show’s Emmy-nominated production designer Stephen Carter.

Of course, it was no ordinary celebration. The “Too Much Birthday” episode allowed Carter to create a world of lavish themes and sets including a VIP treehouse and a giant inflatable vagina tunnel that were on brand for the extravaganza taking place at the Shed at New York’s Hudson Yards. However, not all of Carter’s creations made the final cut.

“Our scripts have tended to be pretty long. And the original cut was 15 to 20 minutes over what it needed to be,” Carter said in a conversation for Variety Artisans presented by HBO.

For example, Carter built a giant oversized crib with toys that Kendall had from his childhood. They too were on a giant scale. But that scene, which also featured cocktails in baby bottles, ended up on the cutting room floor.

The birthday set featuring inflatable tunnels to represent a birth canal, giant pink legs and a VIP treehouse made from real tree branches allowed Carter to stretch beyond the boardroom and offices of the show.

Made up of numerous sets, Carter had to strike a balance with tone. With the inflatable vagina, Carter explained, “There’s a line that you’re trying to walk between — funny and graphic, but not too graphic. Where is the sweet spot of humor versus slight provocation?”

The treehouse was a late-in-the-game addition to Carter’s designs, coming two weeks before shooting. “They wanted this new extra VIP level,” he said. Working with the show’s art decorator Marci Mudd, Carter took inspiration from wooden strip artist Wade Kavanaugh. “That inspired us to try to do this self-illuminating tree sculpture,” he said. “That would be sort of a center point for what might feel like a Tree House Terrace, and then a bar that leads out onto it, and so forth.”

Watch Carter break down the sets of “Succession” above.