Friends who play together, stay together. That’s certainly true for talent manager Guy Oseary, Woody Harrelson, Matthew McConaughey and Chris Rock. As the four pals take a break during a recent yacht vacation to celebrate Oseary being named Variety’s Music Mogul of the Year, Oseary can barely get through his introduction for a Variety video without McConaughey laughing at him or Harrelson telling him to “add more energy” to his line readings and to “smile more.”

“It’s to do things outside of the traditional,” Oseary says when Harrelson grills him on what it means to be a mogul. “That’s possibly why they awarded me this. Going out- side of the traditional and looking beyond what I had been working on, expanding into other areas and, luckily, being successful.”

Oseary calls Harrelson, McCon- aughey and Rock his “brothers” and stresses how important making time for them and his family is to his career moving forward. “He’s a kind mogul,” Rock says with a laugh. “A benevolent mogul! A caring mogul! You under- stand? These things are not separate.”

“One of his great talents, and we’re living proof of that, is I don’t know a better curator of people,” McConaughey says of Oseary as Rock and Harrelson nod. “I’d also say he’s one of my top three favorite DJs of all time. No one gathers the right group together from different places better than this guy.”

Harrelson also hails Oseary as a “great curator” of people, adding, “He’s introduced me to several of my closest friends.”

“This is a brotherhood right here,” Oseary says of his vacation buddies. “We’ve laughed together. We’ve cried together. I’m humbled to get an award like this but more humbled to have these guys as my brothers.”

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